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Our campsite is situated on the headland and offers stunning views right across St Brides Bay to the south. The site opens directly onto the Pembrokeshire Coast Path.

Adipex Buy England

We reopen  Friday 15th May until Wednesday 30th September 2020.


(Please note: All pitches in field 1 are now electric hook-up pitches, additional hook up pitches are now also available in field 2)

To make a booking Click on the BOOK NOW button top right of this page.

We welcome families and coastal path walkers.   Pitching is generally spaced around the perimeter of the fields and most pitches are fairly level; a few have a gentle slope.  There are large central areas for children to play and no overhead lines to restrict kite-flying!  (Only ‘soft type’ kites are permitted on the site).

Well-behaved dogs are allowed, and must ALWAYS BE ON A LEAD and not cause nuisance to other campers.  There is a maximum limit of two dogs per pitch.

It is of utmost importance that dogs do not foul the site and if there are ‘accidents’ then owners must immediately clear them up.  A ‘poopscoop’ bin is provided on the site. 

We accommodate tents and small motor homes, but not touring caravans.

Buy Xanax Paypal Uk

Amenities blockWater standpipes within 100m. of every pitch.  Service building including toilets, hot showers, hot water wash-basins, hair dryers (ladies and family rooms), hot water sink units, two family rooms, shaver points, and refuse and chemical toilet disposal points.   Hot water in the block is not metered.  A limited number of electric hook-ups.  There is a laundry room at the farm (100m from site) and this has coin-operated washing machines and dryer plus hand wash facility. The Farm Shop sells basic essentials and organic produce, including cheese made from our cows’ milk here on the farm. We also grow and sell organic potatoes.  The shop is open all day during the school holidays (9am -6pm) and at regular times outside that period (9-11am and 4-6pm Monday – Saturday, 9-11am Sunday morning, closed Sunday afternoon).

FEES 2020:

Per person per night; adult £10.00,  child (3 to 15 years inclusive) £5. Hikers/cyclists without motor vehicle £7 per adult per night.  Dog £3 per night.  Electric hook-up £5 per night.  Fees to be paid in advance on day of arrival.

Booking is not necessary during September but is advisable if an electric hook-up pitch is required.

Please note: We operate a campsite in an area of outstanding natural beauty and due to the site’s locality within the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park; directly adjoining the coastal path, the area can be subject to strong winds. Please note, no refund will be given due to curtailment of your stay due to weather conditions. Holiday insurance is advised.  


Take the Caerfai Road from St David’s and turn left just before the Car Park above the beach at the end of this road.  Please call at Shop/Office on road on left before pitching, (or Caerfai Ganol Bungalow, after choosing a pitch, during September)


We are pleased to reserve a pitch for you, this can be done by clicking on the BOOK NOW button top right of this page; this requires a non-returnable deposit of £25 per week.   Bookings during the school holidays and May Bank holiday are for a minimum of five nights.

Although we endeavour to allot particular pitches in particular places as requested, we regret that we cannot guarantee this.  Families and friends that wish to pitch near to each other must make separate bookings with separate deposits paid and although we shall do our best to find close pitches, we cannot guarantee this is always possible. It is possible to add  a personal note during the booking process if you have a specific request.  It is a condition of booking that allocation of pitches is entirely the decision of the site operator at all times.  We regret that we cannot take gazebos during the school holidays.


Note: all documents are in PDF format


To make a booking, please click on BOOK NOW button which can be found top right of this page.

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Caerfai Farm Campsite has 2 Mongolian style yurts.  Order Xanax From China


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Should you require further information, please Buy Soma Fast Shipping.

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