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Potato picking video in stunning hi-def. . . possibly

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The last blog post mentioned that our new potato crop (Colleen variety) would be ready for picking by the end of May.  Well it’s the end of May and they are ready so we thought we’d pick them. (I’m using the royal ‘we’ as I haven’t actually picked any. . . yet) I shall therefore attempt to attach some video of the picking in full swing for all those interested. The filming, incidentally, was carried out by dad (Wyn) multi tasking, as he was also the tractor driver. * CAERFAI ORGANIC POTATOES AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE NOW * Hand lifting organic potatoes at Caerfai Farm

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Organic Potatoes!

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This years crop of our organically produced potatoes are coming on well.  Here are some pics from our ‘new potato’ crop which were dug up this morning.  (Wyn has helpfully included a roll of ptfe tape, always useful on a farm, to help with scale!)  All being well these potatoes will be market ready by the end of...

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