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Caerfai Farm has 4 period self-catering holiday cottages overlooking the Pembrokeshire coast. All have enclosed gardens and are away from the main farm buildings.

To make a booking, please click the BOOK NOW button, top right of this page.

Buy Alprazolam Online UkAll are heated with night storage heaters with wall heaters in the bathrooms.

The cottages are typically equipped with the following:

  • log burners
  • televisions
  • CD players / radios
  • washing machines
  • tumble dryers
  • dishwashers
  • cookers
  • microwaves
  • fridge-freezers
  • irons / ironing boards
  • vacuum cleaners
  • and OS maps

Cots, high chairs and safety gates are all available on request (cots can be accommodated only in certain bedrooms; please bring your own cot linen and blankets). All our beds are 4ft 6in wide (standard double) or 3ft wide (single). Our duvets and pillows have man-made fillings and the beds are made up, ready for our arrival.

Buy Diazepam Canada

Visitors to the cottages travelling by Electric Vehicle or Public Transport are eligible to a 10% discount off their booking. To receive this discount, please contact reception on 01437720548 and inform us of your car registration number.

                                           Electric Vehicle owners can use our charge point for free!


Buy Ambient Orb



We regret that we do not accept pets.

All prices include electricity, logs, bed linen and VAT.