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View Adipex Buy England in a larger map


Buy Generic Valium 10Mg


By road from the east:

Follow the M4 and A40 to Haverfordwest. Take the A487 to St Davids. As you enter the city, turn left before the Grove Hotel and follow the road for half a mile. The farm is the last gorup of buildings before the sea.


By road from the north:

Follw the A487 through Fishguard and to St Davids. Follow this road through St Davids turning left at the T-junction opposite the Crew Clothing store, then right after the Grove Hotel.


Distances to Caerfai:

London: 260 miles / Birmingham: 190 miles / Cardiff: 110 miles.


Sat Nav: SA62 6QT OS Map Reference: 758244


Public Transport:

There are train and National Express coach services to Haverforwest, where there is a regular bus service to St Davids. There is also a series of shuttle buses which run up and down the Pembrokeshire coast during the extended summer season and these are ideal for walkers.


Buy Alprazolam Online Uk