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Adipex Buy EnglandCaerfai Farm is a 180-acre organic dairy farm with pastures free of artificial insecticides, herbicides and fungicides. Sustainable farming and renewable energy is a primary consideration and solar, geo-thermal, bio-gas and wind power are all used here.

During the summer, the farm shop sells organic vegetables, general groceries and award-winning Buy Alprazolam Online Uk, which are hand made on the farm.

Guests are welcome to watch the cows being milked from our viewing gallery.

The MRI milking cows graze a range of pastures from coastal grasses, old pastures with a wide variety of grasses and herbs, to clover laden grassland and Lucerene. Our mild Pembrokeshire climate allows the cows to be out grazing the natural grasslands from early March, until Christmas. No sprays or chemicals are used on the land and the bought-in-feed does not contain any GMO’s.

Caerfai has been farmed organically since 1991 and gained the soil Association Symbol in October 1993.

Buy Ambient Orb