Victory in Campaign to save St Davids Secondary School from Closure

Jan 30, 2015

I am sure if you have ever visited St Davids you will have noticed, as far as cities go, it’s SMALL!  Indeed as many will remind you it is Britain’s smallest of cities.  Plans to close our secondary school, therefore, were seen by many local people to be catastrophic to the well being and vitality of St Davids itself.  Four generations of my family (so far) have gone to Ysgol Dewi Sant.

My grandfather, back in the very early days of its very existence attended, regularly bringing beer to school; “is that beer Evans?”, “no sir, its tea sir” (don’t judge, it was the 1910’s and he had been up since 5am milking cows!).  My dad and aunt attended (less beer drinking, more hockey and rugby playing). My eldest sister was head girl (swot!). The rest of my sisters and my cousins attended, and now the oldest of my many nieces and nephews go there.

Thankfully, through a massive concerted campaign by hundreds of local people, Ysgol Dewi Sant has been saved from closure. Channel four news featured the story; you can read and watch it here. There is even a lovely time lapse of Caerfai bay taken from the cliff top at the end of the film.